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(There is a free eBook which I would like you to have if you enjoy Container Homes).

Creating this ContainerHouse begs a hearty acknowledgement.
To friends who have attended the BoxShops & workshops – Thank you so very much.
To strangers who waltzed by one afternoon and graciously helped lift the beams into place – you inspire friendliness. To friends with restaurants who donated food to fuel the BoxShops, you filled our bellies and fuelled the fires as we mixed cob for the stove.

Thanks for being interested. Thanks for the feedback and encouragements.
I’m really glad to be working together on projects which offer us unique learning opportunities and I have a good portion of hope that this project will be a sort of beginning for me. I trust you join me in viewing the collaborative work of this project as one which has roots as old as humanity itself. A sort of a continuation of a tradition to raise beautiful homes together. Thank you for being a part of this adventure which is a life-long adventure of learning. One which is fun and more enjoyable in the company of fellow learners.

And lastly and very importantly I thank these folks:
Fellow members of Diyode, a local non-profit community workshop in downtown Guelph. The exec and members support innovative personal projects in very practical ways. Being a member there has taught me how valuable good company can be when tackling really big projects. Thanks so much Diyode members and executive!

We’d like to also mention that the music to this little video is borrowed from a fantastic musical ensemble. If you like the music, you should purchase it from their site. They are “Cinematic Orchestra” and here’s a link to their music:



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