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A Stylish Contemporary Home In Wayanad | Mastercraft , Episode: 81

This week’s Mastercraft brings to you a stylish contemporary home ‘Vista’ in Mannanthavady, Wayanad. Mastercraft , Episode: 81

Budget Homes, Sabeer Thirumala

watch this video: Budget Homes, Sabeer Thirumala

City Home in 2.5 Cents of Land

watch this video: City Home in 2.5 Cents of Land 

Colonial single floor house with contemporary style

watch this video: Colonial single floor house with contemporary style

Home Filled With Positivity|Master Craft, Episode: 89

The negativity persisting within homes are the most discussed topics in connection with home constructions. This week’s Master Craft takes you to ‘Munkudil’ of Jomi Thomas Kavumballil which has been built by excluding the presence of negative energy. Master Craft, Episode: 89

Kalluvetti Veedu in Malappuram

watch this video: Kalluvetti Veedu in Malappuram

Modern home in traditional Kerala style | Mastercraft Episode: 35

Here is a beautiful home which blends the traditional style of Kerala and modern architecture. Let us watch ‘Kudil’, situated at Mudavanmugal, near Poojappura, in Thiruvananthapuram. Mastercraft, Episode 35.